Hunting is divided into two aspects: professional hunting and amateur hunting.

Professional hunting is also called productive hunting. Hunters who specialize in hunting production are called professional hunters. Professional hunters do not engage in other work during hunting production. However, due to the different conditions in different places and different flexibility and changes, professional hunters are divided into two types: perennial and seasonal.

Amateur hunting is also called sports hunting, which is a special kind of amateur activity. Amateur hunting can meet the special interests of amateur hunters, exercise their bodies, and obtain some hunting products such as hares, pheasants, and wild ducks. It is a very meaningful activity to improve the lives of hunters. But amateur hunters should also hunt according to evidence, and should not hunt indiscriminately without organization and leadership.

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The author likes hunting and has ten years of hunting experience. There is a company that develops and produces thermal imaging products for outdoor hunting and night vision products.
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