How to Choose a Night Vision Scope

How to Choose a Night Vision Scope

How to Choose a Night Vision Scope


Night vision optics are becoming more and more common. What used to be high-grade military technology can now be used by just about any shooter who can afford a conventional scope.

With the advancement of technology, the night vision products on the market are full of dazzling, how to choose the night vision products that suit you? Let me explain to you below.


Night vision optics are much more expensive than conventional optics. The basic price of entry-level night vision devices is around $500, and some are even more expensive.Make sure you have a clear and defined budget before you start shopping for night vision.Different brands, different functions, different sizes and different qualities will cause huge differences in the price of night vision devices.So according to your budget, you can exclude many night vision devices that do not meet the requirements.


For night vision, it’s the most important function to see the target at the desired location at night. The most direct reflection of the resolution on the product parameters is the resolution, including the eyepiece resolution, camera resolution, and video resolution. Of course, what is ultimately needed is the actual visual effect.

3.Battery Type & Life

The type of battery and the endurance are also very important for night vision. The batteries of many night vision devices are very expensive. They are batteries that are not available on the market. The replacement is very troublesome and needs to be returned to the factory for replacement.

Hunting outdoors often takes a long time, even a whole night. It is best to ensure that the power of the night vision device can meet your needs. Or it can be easily replaced with a battery.

Here we recommend the PARD-NV007 digital night vision device. This product is very cost-effective, clear, long battery life, only need a regular battery of 18650 can be used for two or three hours.

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