How to solve the stain on the night vision screen

How to solve the stain on the night vision screen

How to solve the stain on the night vision screen


After we buy the night vision goggles, we usually need to check the equipment, which includes checking whether there are stains in the night vision goggles screen.

For some brands that are not strictly produced, stains usually exist, and even large-brand products often have stains. In order to protect our rights, we need to check immediately.

There are usually 3 situations when the screen is stained:

1. The stain on the eyepiece.

The stain on the eyepiece is often the stain on the side of the eye, because it is in direct contact with the outside world, it is the easiest to stick to the stain. We only need to wipe the mirror with a clean cloth to solve the problem. If there is a stain on the inner side of the eyepiece, we need to unscrew the eyepiece before wiping the stain.

So how to tell if the stain is on the eyepiece? By rotating the eyepiece, we can observe whether the stain changes its position following the rotation of the eyepiece. If the stain changes its position with the rotation, it can be determined that the stain is on the eyepiece.

2. Smudges on the display.

Smudges on the display screen are usually caused by not wiping the screen clean when installing the eyepieces or debris falling when the eyepieces are tightened. The treatment is to unscrew the eyepiece and wipe the stains on the display. Similarly, the judgment method is to rotate the eyepiece to observe whether the position of the stain changes.

3. Sensor stain

The taint of the sensor is usually not solved by the player. We need to contact the merchant to return to the factory to solve it. The judgment method is to use the elimination method to eliminate the stain on the eyepiece and the display. When we confirm that the stain is not on the eyepiece and the display, then it is a sensor problem.

The same method is not only suitable for night vision devices, but also effective for thermal imagers. Have you learned it?

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