The difference between NV007A and NV007V

The difference between NV007A and NV007V

The difference between NV007A and NV007V


        In November 2021, PARD discontinued NV007A and launched NV007V. What is the difference between these two products? Why launch NV007V? Let us answer them one by one below.

The difference:

        1. The shape of the product is different. Obviously, NV007V has a slight change in appearance compared with NV007A. The first is the structural change in the position of the IR torch, from the smooth shape of the previous line to a clear water chestnut structure. Then the PARD logo is added to the fuselage, and the color combination is more technological. However, the overall internal structure has not changed, including length, volume, and weight. We can see that the adapter is the same as the previous NV07A, without any changes.

        2. Product performance: In terms of product performance, NV007V continues all the advantages of NV007A. Because all the product shapes and structures including materials are the same, you can buy NV007A and NV007V with confidence.

Why launch NV007V:

        Why launch NV007V? On the one hand, PARD, as a technology company, must have new products to stimulate the market every year. On the other hand, the big reason is a strategic adjustment of market competition. From NV007 to NV007A and then to NV007V, 007 series products from the exclusive market to competitors, PARD must adjust the price and other aspects.

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