Difference between NV008P/LRF and NV008S/LRF

Difference between NV008P/LRF and NV008S/LRF

Difference between NV008P/LRF and NV008S/LRF


In January 2022, PARD launched a new product: NV008S/NV008S-LRF digital night vision sight.And the NV008P/NV008P-LRF will be fully discontinued in 2021.So what is the difference between NV008S/NV008S-LRF and NV008P/NV008P-LRF? Let me read it for you below.

        1. Ballistic calculation. NV008S/NV008S-LRF adds ballistic calculation function. You can get the landing point of an auxiliary shot by setting parameters such as the initial velocity of the bullet, bullet weight, bullet caliber, altitude, temperature, gun sight height, and the corresponding value of the zero-return distance.

        2. Ranging function. The ranging function of NV008S-LRF has been improved, and the ranging range is 3.5-1200m! The maximum distance of NV008P-LRF is 600m. At the same time, the ranging module of NV008S-LRF is more compact than NV008P-LRF.

        3. Shooting pre-recording function. NV008S/NV008S-LRF has added a shooting pre-recording function. When you turn on this function, at the moment when you shoot, the machine will automatically save the 20s video within the range of the pre-recorded range of the machine when it senses the impact. For example, if you shoot in the first second of a pre-recorded 20s, you will get a full 20s shooting video. Of course, if you shoot in the last second of the 20s, you only get the last second of video.

        4. Shape. NV008S/NV008S-LRF still maintains the concept of small size and light weight of NV008P/NV008P-LRF. It is lighter in weight than before.

        Note: NV008P/NV008P-LRF cannot currently upgrade the firmware using NV008S/NV008S-LRF (new functions such as ballistic calculation/shooting pre-recording cannot be used).

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