PARD WiFi APP for Android&IOS and password

PARD WiFi APP for Android&IOS and password

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This product is suitable for APKs of all PARD night vision devices and thermal imaging products, including NV007/NV007A/NV007S/NV008/NV008P/NV008P-LRF/NV008S/NV008S-LRF/TA32/TA62/DS/TS/SA32/62. The product contains multiple compressed files, and there are software installation packages for Android system in the files, which can be directly installed on the mobile phone after decompression. Also includes links to files for APKs for Android and IOS phones.

This product contains several files. If you are using a program that does not work, consider purchasing this product.


1. The file needs to be decompressed before use!

2. This product was updated on 2023/2/20 and is suitable for most Android and IOS mobile phones. There are cases where some mobile phones are not compatible and cannot be used.

3. WiFi password: 12345678

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